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My parents shipped three big containers to me this week. Photographs from my day as a reporter, scrapbooks, letters, notes passed in class, past articles, toys, you  name it.

In going through one of the boxes, I found a photo album with letters from one of my pen pals. I’ve tried in the past to try to track her down, but her name seems common enough that she’s tough to find. This time, though, I have found a few more hints about her that might help me find her.

So let’s give this a shot.

Her name is Darla Thompson. She’ll be 40 in May. She lived in Conyers, GA, and went to a few different schools: Honey Creek School in 1981, Edwards Middle School for Grade 6 in 1982, and Conyers Middle School for Grade 7 in 1983. She has a brother named Mark who went to Heritage High School, and her parents are Joel and Dianne. We became pen pals through a Girl Guides/Girl Scouts pen pal program. In searching for her name, it looks like she might have gone to Rockdale County High School, but I can’t be sure that I found the right person, and I’m not keen on spending $7 US to access a Gold membership on Classmates for a month just to send a message there.

If anyone knows how to track her down, please leave a comment.

I’ve managed to track down a couple of pen pals in the past, and am curious to see what Darla is up to.

Thanks, interwebs. 🙂 I hope you are able to help me out!


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